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CTL provides corporate assistance and consulting with reference to ordinary and extraordinary transactions, including:
  • Assistance to identify the most appropriate legal form to carry out business and/or non-profit activities and the subsequent establishment of the chosen entities
  • Assistance to establish start-ups, even innovative ones
  • Drawing up shareholders’ agreements
  • Support services and formalisation of statutory financial statements, individual management reports and consolidated financial statements for companies and entities (ITA GAAP, IAS/IFRS)
  • Taking on the role of Director for Companies/Entities, and the role of common representative (bondholders, financial instruments, etc.)
  • Assistance to liquidate companies
  • Taking on the role of liquidator for companies in voluntary liquidation
  • Taking responsibility for secondary offices of foreign companies
  • Holding the role of President or Member of Supervisory Boards pursuant to (Italian) Law no. 231/2001
  • Holding the role of Chairman and/or acting statutory auditor on the Board of Statutory Auditors and/or Sole Statutory Auditor, also with the responsibility of carrying out the audit of company accounts
  • Service to declare domicile for the legal and/or operating headquarters of companies and entities
  • Custodianship and retaining assets and companies
  • Administration of property and assets


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CTL Advisory
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