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Through its business partners, CTL Advisory provides assistance and consulting services to companies for HR management issues, including:

  • Complete management and administration of employees and subcontractors and fulfilling all relative administration obligations connected to employment relationships, from their establishment through to their termination
  • Completing forms and declarations to fulfil the employer’s obligations in terms of substitute tax
  • Assistance to employers during inspections or audits
  • Input, assistance and discussion with pension and social security institutions and public bodies and offices
  • In- and out-of-court assistance and consulting for labour disputes, including arbitration proceedings
  • Analysis of labour costs per worker
  • Analysis of INAIL classifications (Italian institution for insurance against accidents at work) and preparing requests to reduce the rate
  • Contributing to the preparation and drawing up of employment contracts
  • Company crisis situations: redundancy procedures, collective redundancies, redundancy schemes, consulting and assistance to reschedule contributions, etc.


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