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CTL stands out for its integrated approach to legal, corporate and tax issues and for its ability to offer assistance to organisations, associations, companies and individuals.

As a result, CTL Studio Legale Associato is able to provide legal assistance both in Italy and abroad, covering the following areas of expertise:
  • Contracts - assistance for natural and legal persons to draw up and complete all kinds of contracts in order to optimise business operations in both Italy and abroad
  • Civil and commercial liability - assistance for all matters relating to civil and/or product liability, and for compensation claims for damages caused by third parties
  • Corporate law - assistance with contracts regarding companies, starting from the choice of which kind of company to establish. through to the management of ordinary and extraordinary transactions (shareholders’ meetings, BoD, leasing and/or sale of business divisions, M&A, liability action against company directors)
  • Labour law - assistance and support for all aspects of labour law, trade union law and pension law
  • Real estate law, family law and trusts - complete assistance to manage and protect assets
  • Disputes - in- and out-of-court management of complex disputes, before lower courts and higher courts (Italian Court of Cassation, Consiglio di Stato, EU Court of Justice)
  • Arbitration - assistance for arbitration proceedings in Italy and abroad, acting both on the defence side and as designated arbitrators
  • Debt collection - in- and out-of-court assistance to collect debts relating to exports, sales, service provision and any other kind of business activity, in both Italy and abroad
  • Anti-money laundering - assistance and consulting on anti-money laundering and the prevention of terrorism (liaison with the authorities and company compliance)
  • Public procurement - assistance regarding calls for tenders and during the tender process as well as for disputes relating to public procurement contracts
  • Consulting for foreign law firms - assistance for foreign law firms regarding issues with Italian law
  • Debt restructuring and insolvency proceedings - assistance to clients for all in- and out-of Court recovery and/or restructuring operations, including recourse to insolvency procedures