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CTL offers bespoke consulting services for the following activities:

  • Financial assistance for credit institutions and/or financial institutions
  • Assistance with contracts for M&A transactions
  • Assistance for extraordinary transactions (transformations, mergers, spin-offs, etc.)
  • Implementation and/or reorganisation of company groups
  • Accounting, tax and legal due diligences
  • Producing expert appraisals, valuations and professional opinions
  • Risk management
  • Voluntary account audits
  • Management control
  • Successions, trusts
  • Settling interests (between heirs, assets, family members, etc.)
  • Friendly settlements
  • Arbitration
  • Company check-ups (financial statement analysis; indicators and flows)
  • Analysis of the strategic profile (organisational diagnosis)
  • Diagnosis regarding correct compliance with legal provisions
  • Assistance for management system tools (calculating product costs; calculating short-term benefits, etc.)
  • Product profitability analysis
  • Streamlining processes and organisational procedures
  • Assistance to make choices regarding new electronic processing systems
  • Assistance regarding economic-financial planning and control for companies (budget and financial forecasts and investment planning)
  • Assistance to assess the economic-financial benefit of carrying out investments and restructuring corporate, organisational or production structures


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CTL Advisory
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