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CTL Advisory (“CTL”) was established by a team of professionals, according to the changes introduced by (Italian) Law no. 183 dated 12th November 2011 (the so-called “Stability Law”) regarding the organisation of professional services. CTL represents a point of reference in Italy and internationally for consulting services provided by accountants.


CTL is the result of the innovative vision of a dynamic team of professionals whose aim is to create a new kind of Firm, acting in a global and domestic perspective, providing corporate, tax and legal consulting services: an organisation that is efficient and flexible at the same time as being solid and highly specialised, thanks to its consolidated business partnerships with professionals, leaders in their respective fields.


CTL professionals love challenges and are convinced that corporate culture and continuous professional training, combined with the right techniques and interpersonal skills, are the necessary characteristics to provide bespoke services that can create a lot of added value for the Client. CTL's goal is to support and assist its clients with their choices on a day-to-day basis, scrupulously assessing their various requirements depending on their specific area of business.

All of CTL’s partners have previously worked with leading, professional firms in the fields of corporate, bankruptcy, legal, tax and financial consulting.